I’ve been taking photos since my wee days in high school.  In between skateboarding and playing skateboarding video games, I was shooting and developing black and white film on a Pentax K1000 that I still have to this day.  The dark room quickly became my favorite place to be at school, during lunch and whenever I could break away I would sit in Ms. J’s class, working on rolls of film I had previously shot.  The small of the dark room and the process all drew me in to the world of photography.  I still have all the rolls of film I shot during that class, and although there’s maybe one shot of the bunch that was any good, it set in me an appreciation for photography and a desire to always have a camera.


I picked up photography again in my late 20’s after realizing that I had always had an eye for photography, constantly making sure I asked for a new point and shoot camera for Christmas so that I always had something to bring on trips.  When I eventually moved to a decent smartphone camera I decided to start taking photos with intent: looking around, seeing colors and textures, noticing the people around me.  Eventually this translated into my first DSLR and street photography both in the States and overseas.


Flash forward to the present, and I’m ready to shoot anything!  I focus in fashion, portrait, and street shooting but I’m excited for the change to take photos of anything that crosses my path.